Item No. 01

Instagram Growth

IVY Social took NOY Skincare’s Instagram from 920 followers to 50K+ AND VERIFIED, within a year. With highly targeted growth, @noyskincare now gains over 100 followers per day.

Item No. 02

Website Redesign

IVY Social recreated NOY’s entire website, including a brand new, integrated ecommerce store. The new site is mobile optimized and most importantly, reflects the brand’s voice and aesthetic clearly.


Item No. 03

Digital Marketing

With NOY’s newfound revenue source (ecommerce store), it only made sense to supercharge their online marketing efforts. IVY Social now handles NOY’s email marketing, automated customer retention, and more.

Item No. 04

Business Consulting

Because NOY’s followers are so engaged, IVY worked with the owners to develop new revenue channels including, paid live training, online webinars, as well as online courses. Each project required it’s own marketing roadmap and strategy.

We Love Design

It all started with an in-depth brand story meeting with husband & wife owners of NOY Skincare (Dave Munits & Danna Omari). After developing a strong, relatable message, they realized that their current site was miles off of what they wanted to portray. Using their StoryBrand Script as a roadmap, IVY designed and developed not only their new website but also their very own integrated e-commerce store.

We Love E-Commerce

While Dave & Danna’s website finally reflected their brand voice and aesthetic, the most pivotal point in their business came from launching their own e-commerce store. Capitalizing on their engaged followers, Danna would post stories of products and simply include a swipe-up link to the product page. Over $20K+ per month in revenue was created from the store alone.

We Love Instagram

It is an undeniable fact that NOY Skincare’s Instagram is the driving force behind their online sales. For every story Danna posts of a product, they average 5-15 sales. Danna posts 5 products daily. They now enjoy a steady weekly e-commerce revenue of $5,000+ and growing.