Instagram Growth

Starting at just 234 followers, IVY has grown @alchemicalstudios to over 25K in under a year. Over 70% of their followers are their target demo: artists residing in NYC.

Direct Messaging

Running in tandem with IVY’s growth strategy, DM’s were sent out to almost every new follower with a discount incentive and call-to-action for booking a studio.

Captions & Posting

Alchemical Studio’s owners simply upload batches of photos into their IVY drive, and all captioning, hashtags and post scheduling is taken care of.

IG & FB Ads

IVY creates, optimizes, and maintains Instagram & Facebook advertisements for Alchemical. This includes highly converting retargeting campaigns based on user analytics.

Google Search Ads

IVY creates, optimizes, and maintains Alchemical’s Google Search Ads. Before signing with IVY, cost per click averaged $18.65. After just two months of optimization, CPC has gone to down hovering $1.84.

Business Consulting

IVY has become integral in key marketing decision by Alchemical Studios. As a result, there are regular business consultations to go over budgeting and quarterly roadmaps.

Hours Worked
Followers Gained
Increased Web Traffic
Bookings Increase
Posts Captioned
Months Together