What are 'Use-Rights'?

When most of us acquire a new vehicle, it requires some sort of financing with a bank or finance company.  You ‘own’ the vehicle but you’ve given a lien to the company that provided the financing, so your ownership cannot change without their approval or loan payoff.  However, your ‘use-rights’ are yours to use as you please.  Meaning, anyone you designate can use your vehicle with your permission.  Email us for more information on how to become a Client Owner.

Why Should I List My Vehicle?

 If you’re in a situation where the vehicle has become a financial burden and you can no longer afford it, don’t allow it to be repossessed and harm your credit.  List it with us and we’ll find a qualified party to take over your payments.  We even guarantee that each payment will be made on time, that it will be properly insured (backed by our $1mm commercial policy), and that all maintenance will be done.  We also monitor for mileage to be sure it stays within our 1,500 miles per month restriction.  All of this at no cost to you.  Email us for more information on how to get started as a Client Owner.

Will My Loan Stay In My Name?

Your loan will stay in your name for the length of your term; remember, you aren’t selling your vehicle, you’re simply allowing someone else to use it, pay for it, maintain it and insure it.  Our ‘Peace of Mind’ payment guarantee makes certain that all of this will be done so you don’t have to worry.  In addition, we also provide our own $1mm commercial insurance coverage on the vehicle to be certain that all the possible scenarios are covered and you have zero liability.  And, in most instances Client Users will have paid-off the balance due on the loan within 24 to 36 months, even if your loan has a longer term.

How Do I Lease Use-Rights?

Use-rights through our program can be leased or rented, and are available on any of our Client Owner vehicles.  Email us as to the vehicle of interest, and we’ll send you a list of information we’ll need about you so that you can become qualified.   We don’t run credit, and don’t require it.  Instead, we focus on you, your reputation and your ability to afford the vehicle.  Email us for more information on how to become a Client User.

Why Lease From Drive360?

Drive360 can help clients get into newer vehicles through the lease of Use-rights, no matter their credit.  We help our clients who have:

Bad Credit, No Credit, No Co-Signer, Recent Divorce, Current or Discharged, Bankruptcy, Unpaid Tax Liens and/or Judgments, Multiple Repo’s, Short-time on Job, Foreclosure, Owes Child Support, Owes Student Loans, and more.


We recognize life’s difficulties, and we base our decisions on a Client’s character, reputation, and ability to financially support the debt, not their credit score.


We give all our clients our own ‘Peace of Mind’ payment guarantee, where the owner can be sure that all payments will be made on time and the insurance always kept in force.