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Target the right consumer. In the right place.
At the right time.

IVY Social is a boutique digital agency that specializes in growing and leveraging a business’s online presence to find new, engaged customers. Whether it be Instagram growth strategies or profitable ad campaigns, we make sure to put the brand’s voice in front of those who want to hear it.

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01. Data-Driven Decisions

From post-timing to hashtag sets, nothing is left to chance. We analyze post engagement, follower activity, and traffic peaks to determine the best times to post. Hashtags are scraped and mapped by our own algorithm to determine the chances of hitting the Top 9 sections of each individual tag.

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02. Third-Party Audits

On top of our own analytics, we partner with trusted 3rd-party firms specializing in machine learning analytics such as HypeAuditor. We are always 100% transparent with our clients and provide the audits to back it up.

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03. Influencer Research

On top of analyzing your own audience demographics, we also make sure our clients never waste a dime on influencers. We make sure their audience demo is highly credible and matches up perfectly with yours, from city location to user interests.

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